I get information from spirit guides and angels, especially if I ask questions about what’s up. Plus I sit on the sidelines listening to clients that call in, worried about their businesses and what the future holds. Recently I received some overview information that really heartened me. Something good will happen from this economic downturn. For years now, Americans have dutifully been depositing savings money in the Stock Market in some way, be it the corporate savings plan with the company match or investing with a local financial planner. I was no exception. For most of my corporate years, I packed away as much a percentage of my salary as I was allowed, splitting the money across several mutual funds accounts. I hardly ever read the information on the funds sent out during the year, is that called a Prospectus? I knew quite a bit about almost all of the pharmaceutical companies, yet never once told my broker not to invest in a company whose actions I didn’t agree with.

A few years ago, I watched the movie, “The Corporation”. (By the way, I think it is required watching!) Truthfully, it showed the reality of corporate greed that affects the treatment of both the environment and people. It wasn’t pretty. The movie talks about the Corporate Charters, which says “profit at any cost”. (Michael Moore has been saying this for years, but I really didn’t think it was true, I thought he was going out on a tangent. He has a whole spiel on how corporations are just like drug dealers; they ruin communities in the same way.) Corporations had no responsibility because there was no one person held accountable. Many corporations have become international- too big to be controlled by even governments.

Today the guides made me understand, it is not all bad, this recession. People are tired and angry about giving their money to stockbrokers, bankers, financial planners, only to hear them say, “Oh we lost your money, the market is down.” Most everyone I know works hard for his or her money. So they should bulk and cringe before they hand it over to someone who doesn’t even thank them for it.  That money may never be seen again!  Start saying NO. For a lot of people, that train has LEFT the station. Thinking about it now, the stock market used to seem like magic. You would invest your money, and it would come back in triplicate. But now sometimes it doesn’t come back at all. How is that different from gambling?

This recession is supposed to make people invest differently. Have perhaps, something called Accountability. The theme of this decade is accountability, and not giving our power away.  That means making decisions on where our energy (and money is legal tender for energy) goes.  To know whether or not that company you invested in is poisoning people in third world countries. Or selling powdered baby formula causes children’s deaths. Do you know the Exxon Valdez has never paid a penny for that gigantic oil spill in Alaska? Yet we as investors own over 40% of Exxon. I am sure none of us would run our car into our neighbour’s house and not expect to help fix the damage, yet Exxon gets away with it.

1. In the new age coming, people are going to want to SEE where their money is.  A new garage, a room added to the house, a painting that they see every day, a new countertop and cabinets for the kitchen.  Remember in the past, treasures were kept as heirlooms.  Passed down from one generation to another- your grandmother’s pearls, your mother’s silverware, in my case, the family farm.

2.We are going to ask for more accountability- if and when we invest our money, we want to be SURE it will grow appropriately. Done are the Ponzi schemes, the investing in companies that have no accountability.  Done is not being SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THAT ORGANIZATION THAT WE OWN PART OF DOES.

3. Heard about the war lately? The TWO BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH the USA was spending over in Iraq? As a teenager with a broken rubber, everyone is all of a sudden screaming to pull out!  How does the world end? To quote T. S. Elliot “not with a bang, but with a whimper.”  The United States has paid very heavily for being the peacekeeper for the world. The money that goes into harming people around the world that we don’t even know has to end. Our troops need to come home; the National Guard needs to do just that, guard inside the Nation. Again, if Americans do not do this, there will be a time when we are held accountable for the innocent lives that are lost (there have been 2 million deaths of innocents in Iraq alone).

4. The money now should be invested in local businesses. Businesses that CAN be held accountable- you can go and eat dinner at the restaurant you invested in. and see where the money has been put to use. Even if you invest abroad, now with tools like Google maps we can keep tabs on what is transpiring at the site of your investments. There are now microloans available for people who want to start their own businesses in third world countries.

5. People are going to expect their investments to not just make them money; they are going to expect that they bring them joy! Enjoyment!!! That wonderful sculpture you love, that necklace of sapphires that you admired.  Why not treat yourself- invest in something that increases the vibration energy around you and the world.

With every incident that happens, there comes a time to choose the higher road in the future, make a choice that raises the vibration of the world, and makes the future a better place, a place that is new, at the moment, and because of that, YOU are vibrant. There are two emotions in the world, love and fear. Another term for fear is “a call to love”.  You can’t be in both places at the same time. If you choose to love, it is like turning a flashlight on in a dark room. There is no source of darkness, only the absence of light.  Like tumbleweeds that blow across the highway, fear breaks up and disappears when in the light of love.


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