A decade of talking to angels and guides has left me with amazing insights. I now know that the Universe has rules, that there is a governing force in the Universe. When I get lost or confused, I go back to the basics, the very fundamental reasons the whole earth was created in the first place. Everything goes back to a simple statement: we, as humans, are here to experience free will. That means we CREATE our own world by the choices and beliefs we have.

This is a BIG responsibility, and many of us try to give the power of decisions over to others. That is why there are so many dictatorships, cults and leaders. For me, being raised by a father that nothing was “his fault”, I resisted going into experiences that put a giant burden of responsibility on my shoulders, like being a doctor or a veterinarian (my brother told me why do you want to be a vet- you are always working with someone else’s animals, and if they die it is always your fault). In my younger years, I did not want to bear that burden.

What I have come to realize now is that we come for a purpose in this world. My purpose is to be a messenger, and many times a teacher. To stand up in the world and say the truth as it is shown to me. No matter what I chose as my employment, my career, well, the purpose does not change. In fact, God allows us to paint on a BIG canvas, saying: “I gave you this task, how you execute it is up to you.” That makes it a harder road, the fact that we have to make choices that the canvas is given to us fairly empty, and the theme and colors are up to us.

The next big truth of the Universe that is a building block for reality is that there really are only two states in the world: love or fear, the light or darkness. The universe, the spiritual source, God, if you will is light. The absence of source is darkness. A big comfort to me is that there is no source of darkness. A statement that gives me intense peace is that the light shines under the door. Darkness does not pervade the light, light pervades into darkness. If you turn your face to the light, you will not see the shadows. That’s what I ask for my clients and myself. That’s what I try to do every day. Sometimes I succeed, and I can do it more now than previously.

With working with thousands of clients, I have come to the belief that WE make our reality by our thought forms and actions, and that if we change those thought forms, we change our lives. That to create a reality we WANT, what we merely have to do is say, “I am…..” and think of it for more than 17 seconds (information from Ester & Jerry Hicks). That is how I received my connections with the angels and guides, I meditated 15 minutes every day with the thought, “I hear my guides loudly and clearly” and after 3 months, I heard them.

Some days I forget or I think screw it, I’m going to be a negative thinker. There’s a quote: you cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. My life has gotten more that way, because I’m such an empath. Also because I have been hoisting around stuff in my psyche to make the pathway more clear and quicker for manifestation. So it follows that when I’m in a negative mood, blackness manifests rather quickly, too. Usually when I get in a bad mood, everyone around me is in a bad mood. Then things don’t work out well and people are snappy and bad things happen to me and I know it’s because I’m getting back what I’m giving and I need to chill. So as far as the negative going out from just a stray thought running across my head, it’s been less.

We create and walk into our future. I want to leave you with an image of the light. This has been something that’s taken my fear away when the “choose love” mantra may not. Simply: there is a source of light. WE are all light. I KNOW this because one night I woke up and I did not see my body. All I could see was light where it was supposed to be. I threw the covers over me and the light shown through the covers.

I told both my intuitive instructors about the experience, to which they responded: “we’re all light.” somebody says we’re all light, I have a different standard and a different experience of that then I had ten years previous. I know it is true. We are the source of light. Fear and all those emotions it creates, lives in darkness.

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