Do you dress up your dogs and cats? I have many clients that do, and I have to admit I am doing more now than I ever have! It is a sure hit to dress your pet up when visiting.

At the one place I visit with Lucie and Samson, they love it when I dress them up. Samson my cat, being three, has acquiesced to wearing whatever I want him to, with certain caveats. For example he doesn’t like it when his ears get smooshed in hats. Even though Samson is a really good sport and will wear almost any costume, I WANT Samson to be comfortable and enjoy his job. So the clothing needs to be as carefree as possible while looking stellar.

When Samson and I were at Superzoo this year, we found the best pet clothes company. I am saying pet, because although they are called The Dog Squad, the sizes they carry easily fit Sam.

I wanted something more formal for Sam, so I picked out a black sequined vest. It is so wonderful, because as it is made for a pet, it is lightweight, fits wonderfully, and has Velcro to hold it on. The Velcro is a dual solution: it makes the clothes fit perfectly, and will give way if, heaven forbid your pet gets out and gets caught on something. The vest doesn’t inhibit Samson’s movement what so ever.

Then for Lucie, I got the Picture Perfect red dress. It has sequins on the top, but they are lightweight and breathe.  All the seams are finished with a surge. It slips over her head and fits nicely. I bought a medium for Lucie (up to 20 lbs.) and returned it to get the large size which comes down further on her waist then the medium did. I can tell right away if Lucie likes the clothes I put her in because she will be more animated because she knows she is dressed to get more attention, or if it is an awkward heavy costume that she barely moves. With the Picture Perfect dress on, Lucie knows she will get all the attention in the room!

I recommend the Dog Squad Clothes. They are priced reasonable, comfortable, attractive, made with safety in mind and have a wonderful fit. You can buy directly from their website,

I can’t wait to get Holiday pictures of my therapy pets this holiday season! Send me photos of your fur baby in DogSquad clothes and I will post it on the facebook page!

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