I gave my assistant a fountain for her new kitten, and this is what she realized. I want to add to this that in Arizona, the water has a lot of minerals in it, and many of my clients end up with emergency vet charges from cats/dogs having kidney stones. Also, if their water source isn’t palatable to cats, they don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated. The beauty of CatsRule fountains, having had one for several years now, is that they are durable, attractive, filter your water to keep your cat/dog healthy and are inexpensive. Plus the sound of a fountain is very comforting. Running water is a plus when it comes to Feng Shui, so just remember that for good measure.

You can buy the CatsRule Fountains online here: https://www.catsrule.com/collections/cat-fountains . I have a fish fountains and like the calming blue that it is. Like I mentioned previously, I have had mine for over a year now. The only maintenance it has required is a filter change and some light cleaning. I am amazed what a great value these fountains are! Samson is a fan! Here he is at BlogPaws-KansasCity wondering how his fountain from home followed him to Kansas City!

Cat’s Rule Watering Fountain is a huge hit in my home. The watering fountain has a few behavioral secrets that have helped me in=- training our new kitten, Cleo. When I am working she likes to climb up my leg, with her tiny yet sharp claws and it becomes a distraction as well as painful. I learned if I turn on the fountain while she is in a playful mood, it distracts her from me and becomes memorized by the spouting water. In addition, it has whined her off on suckiing on her blanket, with the same method.

The fountain features a bright green frog that is simple to assemble. You only have to place the filter in, put the top bowl on the basin, fill it with water and plug it in! The Watering Hole Automatic Fresh Water Fountain is BPA Free and comes with 2 free filters. It’s easy to clean and durable. The new pump is quiet and won’t frighten your cats away.

Cats in the wild are naturally drawn to fresh, flowing water, so a water fountain is always a good item to have for indoor cats in your home. Flowing water attracts cats to drink more and this fun, green, frog design is even more attractive! It’s also great to use with the LilyPad Crumb and Splash Catcher Mat that fits perfectly underneath the fountain and makes a unique set to add to your home because it is a staple in my home.

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