If you are like me, you have an ever changing herd of house pets that are living with you. I currently have 4 cats and a dog, but I have been all the way up to seven cats and three dogs. All of these pets are various ages, and have various health issues at times. Let’s face it, potty accidents happen when you have pets.  You have to be able to clean them up efficiently and have the tools on hand ahead of time.

I have found Unique Pet Care products to be the best overall products. Their tag line is: “We tackle tinkle.”  These products are Bio-enzymatic formulas that get rid of both old and new pet odors and stains. They remove Pheromones to prevent pets from remarking the same areas. Meanwhile, they are green and safe for your pets, something that we have to be aware of.  With seizures in pets on the rise, and over 50% of dogs over 10 dying of cancer, controlling exposure to harmful chemicals in our pet’s lives is a must.

I ordered a variety of the products because I needed to clean a variety of things. The carpet where Buffy is deciding to make a pee spot, the bean bag dog beds SHAGS which have a covering I can take off, then there is cleaning the reusable pee pads- you have to get them totally clean or otherwise your house will smell like urine!

So I ordered a variety of products from Unique to see what would work the best.

Unique Pet Care Pet Odor & Stain Eliminators. This product eliminates odors, stains, from urine, vomit, feces and more. If you saturate an area and it still smells like urine, you need to saturate the area more. I used this product in the washing machine when I took the covers off of the dog beds and went to a laundry mat so I could use the bigger machines. I also took along a few horse blankets to wash too. (If you have horses you know horse blankets usually have poop, horse urine and who knows what else. By the time the washers were done, the pet bed covers and the horse blankets were stain free, smelled delightfully fresh, and I was impressed! The product is definitely one I will use and and again.

Unique Pet Bed Cleaner. It eliminates odors, stains on pet beds, crate pas and pillows. This bottle comes with a spray top. It is to do clean up on pet beds and bedding when you don’t have the time to run a load of laundry. I like the spray solutions for cleaning up haphazard accidents on the quick.

Cat Odor and Stain. This is a spray top that is again helpful for cleaning up quick accidents.

Unique Carpet Shampoo & Spot Remover. This is works with carpet machines if you want to do a serious cleaning, and is a concentrate so you dilute it in water.

Here is a link to Unique Pet Care https://tackletinkle.com/ They are available on Amazon and other online sites too.  Do yourself a favor and stock up!

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