When I stand in the dog food section of my favorite feed store (yes, really try to use the feed stores. They usually have more variety, better prices and better service then PetSmart or the grocery store for pet products), I get confused. With all the choices, all the different companies, the discussions of what is healthy, the addition of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, well, it is all too much, and I have an MS in Animal Science Nutrition.

So how do you know your pet is getting all the nutrition they need with what you feed them? What do you do with your own diet to make sure you are eating healthy? For me, fresh ingredients, or something that is frozen to keep the nutrients in. Then I want to know that those ingredients are from a reputable source, one that doesn’t add chemical s you don’t need. A company that puts the quality of the product over profits. A company that you can trust. Then on top of that, if you don’t have to worry about if you’re paying too much.

With pet food, we found out a few years ago that even companies we thought were reputable were getting their products from China, and some were contaminated with poison. Then when people got suspicious of purchasing products from China, many companies would say that they made the pet food in the United States, when in reality the INGREDIENTS were from China and just mixed together in the United States. That soured me on several corporations. C’mon! I don’t want to worry that you are going to poison my dog because you’re saving a few pennies on ingredients.

So I want to share with you a brand with products that are no brainers. I personally know the people who own Clear Conscience Pet. Their motto is Purity, Clarity and Joy. They source all of their ingredients from farmers here in the United States. Their products are purposeful, pronounceable and pure. It says on the bag that every ingredient is chosen to make your pet happy and healthy. No Fillers!

Clear Conscience Pet has a product called Super Gravy. It is a powder that you mix with water and make into broth. You can then add it to dry kibble to make it more palatable, while also adding nutrients that your pet needs (I say pets because cats love super gravy too!). It makes dry food tastier while making sure your pet gets the nutrients they deserve. Super Gravy is Gluten-free, grain-free, GMO-free and Glycerin free. Super Gravy has anti-oxidants, probiotics and superfoods, it comes in a small bag, so you have no waste, and you’re not throwing a bunch of cans in the trash.

Personally, I recommend probiotics and use them often with sick pets. My cat Elvis loved Super Gravy. In fact, now, 3 out of 4 of my cats love SuperGravy (there always has to be one hold out). Lucie likes it as a broth treat during the afternoon. It is like giving them multiple vitamins so that you know they are getting the nutrition they need.

Too many people come to me with animals that are sick or having problems with eating. Half of the dogs over ten today die of cancer. Anti-oxidants help prevent that. I am hoping that a balanced diet without fillers or chemicals prevents that. The thing I know is that we are doing something wrong for our dogs. My dog Gracie died last year with gastric tumors. I lost her way too early. What we FEED our pets is the most important decision we make for them to be healthy.

I also like to cook and share what I cook with my dogs. My Vet told me that is the case scenario she worries MOST about. She said that someone who cooks food for their dogs but doesn’t do a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need. So if I have pork chops with Lucie like I did tonight, I can relax knowing she is getting the nutrition she deserves because she had SuperGravy broth that afternoon. To me, it is the best of both worlds because Lucie and I can eat together and she also is getting proper nutrition. Besides that, it is the meal that brings Lucie the most joy. I don’t just want my dog to be healthy, I want her to enjoy her life to the fullest. For Lucie, that is us eating together, because she likes to eat with the family. On top of that, SuperGravy has on the bag; “Brings joy to the bowl”!

You can find Clear Conscience Super Gravy here: https://clearconsciencepet.com/collections/dog-products. You can use the word FOUNDER to get 20% off your first order!

You don’t have to take my word that Super Gravy is a fantastic product- You can read about the 26 awards they have won for nutritional excellence and innovation on their website!

Write to me and let me know how SuperGravy works for your pet and how you use it! I will put the respondents’ names in a raffle that at least one of you will win a free pet reading!

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