My dogs Gracie and Lucie love the car, but with travel, I worry about their safety. I have Pet carriers, but none of the ones I have make the car safe. With little dogs like I have, you can’t just belt them in the seat belt. The Gen7 Commuter Carrier & Car Seat can be seat belted in, perfect for 15-pound dogs or any size cat.

Both my dog Lucie and my cat Samson are therapy pets so they make weekly trips to the facilities where they visit. Then there is always the possibility of an emergency health issue that will mean a trip to the Vet hospital.  This makes having a safe space for them in the car essential.

I want to share how much the cats love the Gen7 Commuter. The first thing they noticed is that both ends open, and then there is a porthole in the top to jump in or look out of depending on where you are situated. I took the carrier out of the box, set it up in a few seconds and placed It with the zippers open on the floor. Within 30 seconds, Buffy was hanging out inside of the carrier. After she left, Samson jumped in the top so that only his tail was showing. Peaches waited a few hours, they also went inside to check it out.

The carrier has some mesh on each side so that your pet won’t get hot inside the carrier, or panic because they can’t see out. It is easy to grab and go, with a shoulder strap that is comfortable, the carrier sits well on your side and is easy to carry. All the hardware is heavy duty so you know it won’t break. It is wonderfully stylish. Plus, the Gen7 Commuter has been crashed tested, so you know your furkid will be safe if heaven forbids you ever have an accident.

Other wonderful features of the Gen7 commuter: the metal struts that give it shape can be folded down, so it can be stored flat when you aren’t using it. This is important to someone like me who has 5 hard shell cat carriers from bringing foster kittens home and I have no place to store them! The carrier also comes with a really nice “comfort pad” a cushion that is cushy, while also being removable so if one of the cats has an accident the pad can be machine washed.

On one of Sam’s busy appearance days, he can hang out inside the carrier on his breaks.  He appeared at the Tucson Festival of Books, which ran from 9 am to 5:30 pm. I took him to the event inside the carrier, with it seat belted into the seat.  Then, at the event, I carried him to the booth in it. After I was settled, I took Sam out and he made his appearance in his stroller. When he wanted a break, he went back to the carrier which I had under a display table. Because of the zipper opening in front, I could open the carrier and let Sam go inside and relax, take a break while feeling safe, which is a must have when we are away from home all day.

What factors do you consider when buying a pet carrier? You tell from what I have already said that I am concerned with the convenience of storage, that it be well made, safe and comfortable for my Pets. It must be foolproof in emergency situations for my cats. Other factors to consider when picking out a pet carrier are price, color, style, and cohesiveness with your décor.  Personally, I usually just get black, it goes with my décor as a multiple cat owner.

In Summary, the Gen7 Commuter meets the needs of several of my pets. It is easy to store, easy to carry and more importantly easy to the seatbelt in so that you know the pets are safe if there is a traffic incident. The hardware on the carrier is sturdy, first rate and durable. This Carrier is a wonderful addition to a pet parent’s equipment to keep our fur kids loved and safe. We love it!



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