Angel Hour June 8th


Have 1 or 2 questions for your Angels but maybe don’t need a whole session?

Then attend an Angel Hour Zoom group session with Ann.

Cost: $20 per person

When: Thursday June 8th @ 5pm Arizona Time

It will be a personal small group, and Ann guarantees you will be able to get answers to at least two questions you have that night. If that means the meeting goes longer than an hour, so be it! To make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk, space is limited to 15 people, so sign up early to make sure you get in!

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Angel Hour is a really exciting idea that the Angels have come up with!
So many times they want to reach out and give you guidance, but you aren’t listening or they don’t know how to get the message to you. You don’t need a whole session with Ann, you just need one or two things clarified or a direction given.
Remember, the Angels can’t totally predict what will happen, but they can give you the odds of something happening, and tell you what that future would look like. They can tell you whether or not to trust a co-worker, who you should rent a car from, why you aren’t totally content with the present.
The great thing about a group, is that gathered as a group we will learn from other’s questions too! What comes up as a question from someone else will extract an answer that you also want to know!


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