Ceramic Heart Plates


Heart-shaped and heart-decorated slab built ceramic plates, bowls and other decorative heart items, ranging in price from $18 – $35.


Ann makes a variety of heart-shaped and heart decorated slab built plates, heart bowls and other decorative heart items.

The heart is a metaphor for the emotional body, and it stands in direct opposition at times to logical thinking (the head) or the thinking of the ego. The Sufi religion calls themselves the “religion of the open heart,” and Ann studied briefly with a Physician Shaman in Tucson who also practiced the “open heart.” All of these items have been fired at least twice, and anything with gold has gone through a third “luster” firing.

These small plates make great gifts, and sell quite well all year round. That said, they are usually sold out around Valentines day, so if you want one for that, order early. These plates are a great “heartfelt gift” that is inexpensive and long lasting (unlike chocolates or roses). Think of them for Christmas, birthdays, or graduations- any time you want someone to carry with them a reminder of your love, caring and priories (even in a dorm room, these plates can find a spot of prominence!)

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