Golden Biwa Pearls Necklace with Gem Quality Citrine


Gold Vermeil accent beads, gold vermeil toggle clasp with citrine inlay. 8 round citrine gemstone cut, golden biwa pearls, golden fresh water pearls, gold filled beads. 17 inches long.

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Adding the combination of round and straight, this necklace has subtle magnificence. Citrine has been highly regarded as gemstone and healing stone for almost six thousand years. The soldiers in Caesar’s legions wore citrine on their chest because the stone was believed to have life-saving properties in battle. As befits the color, it is the stone of light, sun and life. Citrine combats stress and depression and strengthens the immune system. Pearls promote wisdom and contentment well into old age. “The price of wisdom is above pearls” Job 28, 18.

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