Good Luck Horseshoes


The shoes measure 4 inches by 3.5 inches, and come with a copper wire strung across the heels to they can easily be hung. Shoes come with a blessing for the house, and a history of the meaning of horseshoes.

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These are a great gift or great to add some whimsy and blessings to your own house. Over 600 countries see horseshoes as good-luck, most every where in the world does in fact! It seems they also all agree that the ends should point up when the horse shoe is hung, the only disagreement is whether to place the horseshoe at the foot or over the top of an entrance to the house or room! These are pony shoes, so they are a little smaller than regular horseshoes, and are wrapped with African trade beads that are so festive and colorful– they also carry good luck and blessings!

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