Turquoise Graduated Beads Necklace with Hematite, 925 Silver Beads, Silver Chain and Butterfly


The Turquoise in this necklace is perfectly cut & shaped-starting with a fourth inch bead and gradually growing in size to the half inch beauties in the center of the necklace.


After the gemstones, there are two 925 bali silver beads of one fourth inch, then a silver brushed metal chain. The necklace closes with a hook clasp, so you are capable of wearing it at any length. At the end of the chain is a half inch silver butterfly that moves, symbolizing rebirth, metamorphosis, and change. A true delight to a jewelry affectation ! Length 20 inches.



The weight of turquoise makes it difficult for some people to wear, and this necklace is a perfect choice for those of us who have neck & back problems (who actually get physical pain wearing a big heavy necklace all day) Turquoise has a wide range of wonders it is capable of doing for you, and the small hematite beads between the turquoise help in grounding the wearer. Hematite also encourages spontaneity, zest for life, and symbolizes courage.

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Weight 0.3000 lbs


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