Looking for a fun way to keep your pets active while also getting good nutrition and having fun? Then the Pipolino is for you! I have tested other toy-treat-food dispensers, with varied results. But the Pipolino is a home run – or at least a 500-batting average!

The fact that my house includes both dogs and cats is a challenge when doling out treats. All my pets (5 cats & 2 dogs) get along with each other & hang out together. They have common living areas where they all eat. So, what I love about the Pipolino is it is solidly built. I can put treats in it that both my dogs and cats eat. They all play with the Pipolino, which is safe (no pieces to break off that get swallowed).  The Pipolino is so sturdy and easy to clean I am thinking about getting them for my horses too! !​

Both my cats and the dog were very intent when interacting with the toy and when food came out, it was inhaled. I started by using treats, and then switched to food. My dog can get territorial about bones, but was a perfect lady working with the Pipolino. I used freeze dried fish that both my cats and dog loved. This might be different with a higher valued food, but that treat is one they all relish but there was harmony amongst my brood.

The SIZE of the holes that dispense food are what makes the challenge for the pets. You can adjust the hole size easily in the Pipolino, giving you flexibility to use a variety of food and treats.  Pipolino interactive health toys will help your pet beat obesity!  Click here for more information.​

I was worried about food on the floor, or crumbs, but that wasn’t an issue. Food comes out and is quickly scarfed up. The end of the device screws off so that you can fill it with food or treats. It is easy to fill in seconds! The Pipolino also has an economic advantage because it will last a LONG TIME.

With the variety of cat ages that live in my house, the younger cats were the ones to first use the toy. I might not recommend it for an older cat, my old Elvis looked at it and started following me around to give him food (I think there is a statement in there that I am the food toy for Elvis). The younger cats played with it, and were open to the fun to be had.

You can find the Pipolino on Amazon and at pet stores.

For more information here is their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PipolinoOfficiel/ .

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