Are you looking to add a pet to the family fold? Lots of individuals and families like the idea of having a pet but very rarely think about what it entails. It isn’t as easy as simply buying a pet and leaving it to its own devices. They take up a lot of time and you need to be 100% sure you are all ready for it. Remember most pets will last a good many years. For example, if you opt for a dog, depending on the breed, it can live up to 15 years.

Remember, you do not have to buy a pet brand new. You have the option of fostering or adopting a pet instead. Let’s look at things you should consider before bringing a pet into your home.


Young children will often pester you and continuously ask for a pet such as a hamster or a guinea pig. They will always promise to clean up and look after them, however, once the novelty wears off, they will stop doing it. Then the job rests on your shoulders.

Before you commit to purchasing or adopting a pet you need to be sure that everyone will chip in to help look after it. Responsibilities for most pets include feeding them, cleaning up after them, and playing with them.


Most pets will take a lot of your time. Even smaller pets like fish and hamsters require someone to clean their cages or aquariums. These jobs can take a good chunk of time every week. Bigger pets such as dogs will need regular walks and exercise. So, if when you get home from work you just want to sit and relax, having a dog will not be a good fit for you.

Please keep in mind if you are a household that travels a lot or goes abroad for holidays you will need to have a plan for taking care of your pets while you are gone.  Assuming you don’t or can’t take your pets with you, you will have to find someone who will look after them for you. This may be a pet sitter or kennel if you have a cat or a dog.  Another option would be to have family and friends who you can rely on to check on the pets regularly.


Have a long hard think if you are ready to commit to a pet that requires training. If you decide on owning a puppy it will need toilet and command training. You can do this yourself or take them to puppy training classes where a dog training expert will help your dog be on its best behavior at all times. Even if you get an older rescue dog from a shelter, don’t assume they will be trained. They may also require basic command training and/or toilet training depending on where they have come from.


Buying and keeping a pet is not a cheap thing to do. After the initial cost of the animal, you also must buy many items that will be needed at home to take care of your pet. This may include cages, food, and beds, to name just a few of the necessary items. Please keep in mind that the pet you choose to own may come with vet bills.  You might need to purchase pet insurance depending on the situation This will add to the overall cost of owning a pet. The bigger the pet the more expensive the insurance.

We hope this guide helps you get one step closer to deciding if owning a pet is for you, and gives you a clearer understanding of what it’s like to have a pet around the house.

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