If you have ever been away travelling and gotten a very sparse room for the evening, you are comforted by your robe and items from home that you brought with you.

But what if you never got something from home? Just travelling without any personal belongings and not knowing what tomorrow holds. That is the reality for shelter pets. A handmade blanket, toy or bowl would really make them feel like someone cared. (Just so you know cats & dogs can smell your scent on these items, they know it came from a real human.

If you know how to knit, sew, crochet, you can help shelter pets have a better time waiting for their forever home. If you have access to clay, you can make bowls, and if you are creative you can make toys for them too.

The shelters need all of these items, and luckily for those of us who are working to get better at our art, the pets at the shelter don’t care if the stuff doesn’t look great. My college roommate who always crocheted when she was stressed is the perfect person to do this. I am sure you know a few of those people too!

Contact your local shelters and rescues to see what they need!

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