If you have worked with me at all, you know that I channel people’s Angels and Spirit Guides.

We all have 30-40 Angels and Spirit Guides with us. Those are the ones assigned to us and who chose to be with us. Some people don’t feel their spirit guides and Angels because they don’t realize they are there, so they never ask them for things. The thing to remember is that we can also ask for special teams, like they have kickers for football games or a pinch hitter or relief pitcher in baseball. They come when called and do a specific duty. An example of this is a woman I met who had a gambling Angel. This Angel would go to the Casinos with her in Los Vegas, give her luck and help her win her bets. You can ask for an Angel to help you move, a negotiating Angel, a building Angel to help you remodel your house. The sky is the limit with your ingenuity and ability to be supported by Angels who want you to succeed in your endeavors.

So when I was having a tough time sleeping I decided to ask for a Sleep Angel. A sleep Angel is one of the best ideas I have ever had, for several reasons. They can help when we are worried about stressors in our lives or what the outcome will be of a certain situation in life will be. I am a BIG advocate of NOT worrying, because it takes up space in the brain thinking about all the bad outcomes that could happen. This takes energy away from the part of you that is connected to your higher self, who will actually come up with the solutions to your life questions. Secondly, every time you think of an undesired outcome, you create a path to it. If you do this enough, it becomes a main highway.

Remember, we are ALWAYS manifesting. So what we are creating with our thoughts is something we need to be aware of and take responsibility for. Once you realize that worry has the capability to manifest, you won’t indulge in it as much. Like smoking or chewing gum, worry is a habit that can be broken. The first step in breaking this habit is to take a portion of your time and NOT WORRY. This can be done by giving your worries to your sleep angel when you go to bed. Compare it to taking off your day time clothes and hanging them up for the evening. The worries will be there in the morning. When you hand them to your Sleep Angel, she will guard them for you. If you ask, she may even solve them for you while you sleep, or put them in a framework that makes them more understandable, and surmountable.

The Sleep Angel has several abilities. When we sleep, our soul has the ability to leave our body. We can go to heaven or to other parts of the world, then come back when we are to wake up. It is quite common to talk to people on the other side when we are asleep, or to converse with our Angels. While we are away from our body, it is more vulnerable. A sleep angel will guard your body to make sure no energies are taking advantage of it. (This is also the reason your cat sleeps next to your head – to protect your energy). A Sleep Angel will make sure you are fine.

A Sleep Angel will help you get to sleep faster. Forget Ambien, CBD, warm milk or counting sheep. As soon as I invoke my sleep Angel, it seems I am asleep before I finish asking. So next time you are going to bed and feel restless, spend that time calling in a sleep Angel for yourself. It doesn’t cost anything (just you being neutral about the idea) and you have the time- you aren’t falling asleep without one!

Drop a line and let me know your experiences. Do you have a sleep habit? Is there something that you think works to help you sleep besides a sleep Angel? That’s the great thing – you can add a sleep Angel to your other nighttime rituals. Let me know how it works for you!

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