I was recently reminded of one of the rare times I heard my Angels before I found out I was an empathic medium. I was in my thirties, with a nephew was living with me, he was going to college. It was his first time away from the Midwest, and his divorced parents were not supporting him like they should. He was having to beg them for money, and to walk a fine line to make both of them happy.

Then one day, I had been out of town for a few days. My nephew was supposed to take care of my horses while I was gone out of town. I called him to make sure he had fed the horses and pulled their blankets off before it got too hot. He assured me he had. But what he didn’t know was that when I called, I was only fifteen minutes from home. (This was before smart phones). When I arrived home and went out to the horses, I saw that each of them was soaking wet with sweat. The only way they would have gotten that way is if my nephew had just pulled the blankets off them a few minutes ago. I had caught him pulling something shady a few times before, but this was the first time he outright lied about his actions. I was furious.

As I stormed around the horse barn, incensed that I had been lied to, I muttered to myself, “What on earth am I going to do with this kid?” To my amazement, I heard a clear strong voice answer me. “Just love him.”

There was something about the authority or clarity of the message I got that made me follow the advice. I gave up trying to figure out if he was lying, complaining about buying him stuff or cleaning up to the degree I wanted. Instead I was there for him if he needed a ride or support in something. It was the most open hearted move I have ever done, and I have never regretted it. I bought one of those entertainment books where you could get two meals for one, and just always picked up the tab. I realized that with his parents getting divorced, getting used to a new school and a new town, it would be really great for him to have someone on his side, no questions asked.

When I talk to my Angels about why I heard that voice decades ago, they respond that:

1. I had asked a question,

2. I was quiet afterwards so I heard them answer.

As far as I can tell, the Universal law that really governs our relationship with our Angels & Spirit Guides is: “They can’t interfere with free will”. There are only a few exclusions where that law can be over ridden – when you are going to die before your time – then they can come through and save you. So, once I asked a QUESTION, they were allowed to answer me. The other issue is a rookie mistake. We get so intense about the answers we want; we don’t take our thumb off the speaker button after we are done asking a question.

I now know that we can either love someone or we can judge them. It is another aspect of all feelings either coming from love or fear. Underneath judgement is separating ourselves from others, that we are different, we are not like them. But it also makes us not help that person, because we are taking the energy to judge them instead of actually helping them. Think of the energy and time spent on judging someone’s clothes, actions, mannerisms, choices – then think of what you could do with that energy if it was freed to help you succeed where you really want to.

This is one reason that our relationships with our pets are so solid. We don’t expect as much out of them as we do humans. We know they love us so much of the time we give them the benefit of the doubt. Both pets and people will live up to what you think of them. Don’t you want to hold someone in the light so they can see themselves that way too?

A friend of mine has been going through a major life change. He has said some stupid things, and called and cancelled because he wasn’t in the right head space. When he did this, my first thought was – when I was a teenager / sorority girl / young professional – I would be insanely upset about having someone cancel on me at the last minute. I would take it as not being respectful of me, treating me like I didn’t matter. Then I heard an Angelic voice again. A voice very loud, clear and authoritative. “Just love him.” It was obvious to me as an intuitive that the late cancel had nothing to do with me. That if I was truly a friend I would support him instead of causing him more trouble by being upset.

“Your friends are like pillars on a porch. Sometimes you hold them up, sometimes they hold you up, and sometimes it’s nice just having them around.”

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