If you have pets, especially pet dogs, then it can seem right from day one that your life can be an endless array of veterinary bills. It is truer as our pets get older, but even from the early stages, there are things that they will need to see a vet for. You may think that all is good for a while, but then your dog might swallow something dangerous or steps on something like glass when you’re out walking. Which is why preventative care is so important for all pet owners. It helps to keep your pet dog as healthy as can be and helps you to cut back how much you are having to spend at the vet. Where do you start with preventative care for a dog, though? Here are some ways that you can help your dog to be the healthiest it can be, by taking some proactive steps.

Good Quality Food

beagle-puppy-eating-dog-foodWe are what we eat, is a phrase you are bound to have heard of before. And it has never been truer than when it comes to our dog’s health. If you feed them junk, then they will not be getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need. Meaning that they won’t be the healthiest that they can be. They are likely to get sick more often when they aren’t eating good quality food packed with the vitamins and minerals that they need. So don’t scrimp on the price of dog food, or even better, look for ways to make it yourself.


It is a no-brainer that our dogs need to be walked. How often and how far will be determined by the breed of your dog and how much energy they have. But they all need to be walked at least once a day. This needs to happen, for them to stay the healthiest that they can be. Being playful with them at home, playing catch, or racing with them, are all good ideas alongside taking them for walks. These things will burn calories, keep their weight at a healthy level, keep their mind active, and get the heart pumping and muscles working. It is a must.


Though this may be a small initial expense, if your dog, thinking particularly about puppies at this time, hasn’t had any vaccinations, then it is a good idea to get them done at your local vet. One of the best preventative medicines is to have vaccinations, as it prepares them to fight off any illnesses that may come their way. It is an easy win that can save their lives. If they have already had some vaccinations in their life, then think about what you can be doing to keep their vaccinations up to date; when was the last time that you checked when boosters are needed?

Personalized Pet Plan

There are plenty of places online, much like Vets Preferred, where you can get a customized health care plan for your pet. It can show you all that you need to know or be doing, as the best way to care for your pet. They are likely to go into detail about the specifics of your dog’s breed and will need your dog’s vital statistics so that they plan really can be personalized.

Brush Teeth

Much like us, dogs need to have their teeth taken care of. They are eating some pretty similar foods to us over their time in the day, so they do need to have their teeth taken care of too. If their teeth are brushed daily, and they are given things like chew toys to help them do this, then it can stop the build-up of tartar and plaque. A little-known fact about teeth is that they are strongly linked to our cardiovascular systems. So bad teeth and bad oral care can lead to problems like heart disease, even in our dogs.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Like vaccinations, this does have an upfront cost. But in reality, it can help them from needing other medical intervention. It will help stop unwanted pregnancies, which can lead to large vet bills, as well as decrease the risk of prostate issues in male dogs. It can also stop male dogs from wanting to roam and explore as much, which can be a good thing when it comes to their health. They’re not going to ‘hunt’ and eat out of a trash can or get hit by a car if they aren’t feeling inclined to explore.

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