Everything in the universe is governed by numbers and those numbers hold a spiritual significance. Throughout history, in cultures all around the world, we have recognized and used those numbers to predict events or make life decisions. If you don’t know how to recognize those spiritually significant numbers, you won’t be getting the guidance you need.

Spiritual numbers appear anywhere and everywhere, it might be when you look up at the clock, in a book or on the license plate of the car in front. They’ll appear wherever you’ll see them and take notice and sometimes they’ll always be there. These are some of the spiritual numbers you should look out for and what they mean.

Your Birthday

Your own birthday is actually an important spiritual number that tells you something about who you are and how you should make decisions. To figure out the significance of your birthday, you just need to add all of the digits together. So, for example, if you were born on the 1st March 1980, you’d do 1+3+1+9+8+0 which gives you 22. Then you need to keep adding the digits together until you come out with a single number, in this case, it will be 2+2 to get 4. You can also use this simpler method to find your birth number.

Now that you’ve got a single number from your birthday, you can start looking at what that number means and what it can tell you about yourself. The number 2 is normally a feminine number which demonstrates a receptive, forgiving and stable personality. 1’s are often considered leaders where 2’s are more followers and good team members. That isn’t to say that 2’s are passive, but they’re better at working well as part of a group, they’re also great mediators in arguments because of their accepting nature.

The number 3 is the opposite in a lot of ways, signifying more masculine traits. They’re very active people that inspire hope and joy in others around them. They’re outgoing and charismatic compared to 2’s, making them popular with most people. They are, however, more irrational than 2’s.

4 is the number of matter numerology because of its links to the 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 sides of a cube etc. A person whose birthday adds to a 4 is likely to be very stable in life and very sure about themselves. They’ll decide what they want out of life and do whatever it takes to get it. There is always a risk that, as a 4, you’ll focus too heavily on your life goals and miss out on the other important things like friends and family.

Each number from 1 to 9 has its own specific meanings, there isn’t time to go into the rest of them here but you can easily find information about it online.  

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are another common way that the universe uses numerology to guide you. They usually appear as a series of 3 numbers repeated, 111 or 222 etc. They can appear anywhere and everywhere in daily life so always watch out for them. If you’ve noticed the same numbers popping up everywhere, they’re probably trying to tell you something. There are all sorts of Angel number combinations that might appear, but the most significant is the number 111 so you need to understand what it means. Angel number 111 means new beginnings in a lot of cases. It’s there to let you know that a new phase of your life is about to start whether that be a new job or a relationship perhaps. The Angel number is telling you that you need to prepare yourself for change.

The number 111 can also be a warning that you need to control your thoughts. Thoughts are powerful things and if you’re putting out negative thoughts, it’ll impact on your life. If the number 111 is popping up all over the place, the universe might be warning you to be more mindful of your thoughts.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry stems from the idea that everything in the universe is just a series of shapes. The gods or spiritual beings that are in control of the metaphysical world are constantly creating new shapes that you see all the time. If you’re seeing the same shapes everywhere, that’s probably the universe trying to communicate with you in some way. The way to work out the significance of those shapes is to look at the number of sides. Then you can use the same number meanings that you used to work out the significance of your birthday.

By understanding where these spiritually significant numbers come from and how to understand them, you can use that guidance to live a better life.





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