One of the truly amazing things about life today is that somehow it is both incredibly stressful and utterly monotonous at the same time. Most of us have been stuck at home with nothing to do all day but sit around, perhaps watching Netflix to relieve the monotony. While this may be true in your case, it doesn’t have to continue this way. There are ways for you to bring a bit of excitement into your life. With that in mind, here are some spontaneous things that you can do that may help you beat the blues.

Start a project

If there’s one thing that has happened because of the pandemic and resulting lockdown, it’s that we all have a whole lot more time on our hands. The problem for a lot of us is that we simply don’t know how to use that time in a constructive way that’s valuable and gratifying. Sure, sitting around all day can be nice from time to time but there comes a point when sitting around becomes more frustrating than anything else. So instead of just sitting around, why not take on a project? Write a book. Start a series of paintings. Learn to repair computers. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just choose something that will keep your mind occupied and that you can focus on dedicating yourself to doing. This is one of the best ways to keep lockdown frustration at bay.

Take a road trip

Traveling is something that has become difficult for obvious reasons but there are still options available to you. A road trip is a great way to spontaneously get out into the world and see the sights without worrying about things such as social distancing. If you’ve got someone else in your bubble then you can head out together. Sometimes, just getting in the car and driving without any real sense of where you’re going can be one of the most exciting things in the world.

Get a tattoo

If there was ever a time for doing things that you never thought you’d do, it’s now. Have you always kind of wanted a tattoo but never dared? Why not just go for it? Obviously, this is something that may have to wait until places are open again but getting a tattoo is one of those things that often feels a lot scarier until you’ve got the tattoo stencil paper on your skin. This is the kind of thing that allows you to express something about yourself. Getting a tattoo will remind you that, while the world might be a little crazy right now, you still have control over what you do with your body.

Of course, it’s important to remember that, whatever you’re going to do and however you are planning to beat the blues of modern life, you need to do so safely. Make sure that you’re not doing anything that will potentially endanger yourself or other people. This lockdown and the pandemic will pass eventually and then at that point in time we will all be able to get back to living our lives to the fullest, This time will come sooner if we work together and keep each other safe.

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