I live with my cats, dogs & horses. I know them better than you do. I have been giving them shots, health care and preventative maintenance for most if not all of their lives. I have an advanced degree in Animal Science. I keep up on the new advances in Veterinary Medicine. My thesis work was in Immunology, and I sold pharmaceuticals to human physicians for 2 decades. I subscribe to several journals for this purpose and quite possibly am more up to date than your employer.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life is that I have to go by my inner truth. I feel fortunate that I am in direct contact with that voice and the voice of my Angels. I learned through the health decisions that I have had to make for myself and my family, (specifically my horses, cattle & dogs) that WE are the ones who will live or die by the action taken. Because of this, please do not try to bully me into a treatment, product or procedure.

I will investigate & know the best action for my family. If you desire to be a useful part of our healthcare you can give me the most up to date information and description of what the health issue is. However, if you try to take advantage of this potentially emotional and life affecting situation to make money or feed your ego, we are walking out. You are not God. I am paying your employer for their OPINION. That is because of the education and experience in healthcare the Veterinarian has, that makes him a resource for us.

I do not desire your opinion unless I ASK for it. I do not need your help in how to hold my pet or do something that you think you are better at. I assure you you are not. You do not have my permission to take my animal out of my sight so you can give them “care” without my watchful eye and steadying presence. I have promised my animal that I will stay with them, and will not let them be terrorized or hurt any more than is humanely possible. 

I will also be line itemizing the procedures and costs. Again, I have information on the cost of much of the healthcare to be provided, and may have a way of getting treatment that is the best solution for us that does not include you. Instead of frivolously spending money for needless treatment I would rather support care for shelter pets. My farm background and years of making life defining decisions allows me to be clear eyed about choices that need to be made. My connection with animals through animal communication allows me to take their feelings and preferences into consideration. My connection to spirit and the angels allows me to have medical outcomes that you can only call miracles. So DO NOT give me statistics or death sentences for my particular pet. There has never been a type cancer that someone hasn’t recovered from. You may want to quote what studies have shown in other animals, but you have no knowledge of what is possible with my individual pet.

I look forward to working with you on helping my animals be in their best possible health. I do not mean to be anything but respectful with this letter, so please take it in that way. I also ask that you be respectful both to me, my pets and my relationship with my animals. It is sacred.


~Ann Marie Hoff~

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