Focus. It is such a simple word. Yet it makes the difference between being a success, and failure, and someone who never gets up off the couch. Focus makes the difference between being explicit and succinct, or confused with bewilderment.

Think of when you are driving. You can focus on what is going on inside the car. If you have people inside the cabin, you may be watching them, or talking to them. Music is usually playing, with your focus on the lyrics coming and going. Then too, there are the thoughts in your head, totally separate from the conversation you are having. You could be focused on what you are going to make for dinner that night, what you need to get at the store, what is left to do for work. Thoughts, constantly filter thru your consciousness, sometimes without your even knowing exactly what they are.

Outside the car, you have the additional dimensions of the cars on the road, everything that is outside of the car. There is the traffic around you, what you should be hyper-focused on. But then there is also the landscape, the mountains before you or the lake besides the road.

There is the information you are getting from your senses, the smell of a fire somewhere, a light rain that is making the pavement slippery. When you focus on your senses, you can feel what the weather is like, the way the sun feels on your skin, how the humidity is. You also feel how your body feels. Is there pain in your body from sitting too long? Indigestion from what you ate an hour ago? Malaise or the flu?

There might be smells, feelings, the fight that you had with your boyfriend the night before. All of this is going on within you and around you. Yet what you FOCUS ON, is what keeps the car on the road, your foot on the gas pedal, your ability to gauge distance when you turn in front of another car. Worlds within worlds. All deserving and getting your attention as you seamlessly navigate the road. In the other cars, there are other microcosms of reality going on, conversations those passengers are having, a different mix of senses registering on the driver.

The way you are such a remarkable driver is the fact that you know what to focus on when, and what to not put too much attention on. It is the same with manifesting your desires. You need to focus on them being real, then let them go until they actually show up again.

When we obsessively focus on the desire, you get that wanting, the desire of the thing, but not the actual thing. What also enters into most people’s minds are their doubts on how everything could go wrong! Every thought you have like that; you create a pathway to that thought becoming true. So like the song by 38 special, “you need to hold on loosely, but not let go. If you hold too tightly, you lose control.”

Abraham-Hicks states that you only have to focus on something for 17 seconds to call it to you. That is how we so easily create by default. When have you ever spent LESS than 17 seconds worrying? Your focus contains the power that create worlds. With that in mind, shouldn’t you focus on what
your ideal life is?

You can figure out your relationship with yourself and become a deliberate thinker. Soften your resistance, don’t automatically think something bad will happen, stay neutral. Believe amazing miracles can happen and they will.

Take-Home Message:
You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.

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