Moving house is a momentous occasion – it marks a big milestone in our lives. You could be moving for a new career or even a relationship. There’s a lot to organize and take care of, but taking a moment to plan the safe and comfortable relocation of your animals is essential. From specialist transportation to settling them into their new environment, there are ways to minimize the discomfort. As stressful as moving house can be for humans, it can also affect our animals too. So take the time to plan the best way to move your pets as a part of the process.

Keep Them Secure

Moving day has a lot going on – removal workers going in and out, everything packed up in boxes, and generally a fair amount of chaos. This can be quite overwhelming for animals too, so think about how best to keep them secure on the day of the move itself. This could be asking a friend or relative to look after your dog for the day or putting a cat into boarding while you deal with the move.

If you do keep pets around on the day, choose one room and put bedding, food and water down and then leave them inside with the door shut – moving house means that your front door is likely to be wide open and you don’t want stressed-out pets to decide to bolt. Pets tune into our emotions, so aim to keep yourself as calm as possible throughout the process. Make sure you have a secure pet carrier for smaller pets. If they are especially nervous, looking into pet calming sprays may help. Work with a specialist mover like Pet Transport Pro, especially for larger animals such as horses.

Keeping your animals safe and secure while the move is happening should be a top priority.

Unpack Their Things

As soon as you get to the other end, take a moment to unpack your pets’ things – it may help to keep them with you in the car in a separate labelled box so you don’t have to sift through mountains of other stuff to find them. Animals use scent to explore their surroundings and feel safe, so having their bed or favourite toys there ready will make a big difference to their comfort levels. Dedicate a room where they can settle away from the disturbance of the move. Check on them regularly and let them know you’re close by – try not to be away from them for too long.

Let Them Explore

Once things are a little more settled, slowly begin to let your animal explore their new environment. Keep a close eye on them at first, especially as you let them into any outside areas. Try to establish a routine for them as soon as possible, so that there is a sense of continuity and familiarity to help pet behaviour. Reward calm behavior with a treat. With a little care and attention, you can make the move far less impactful on them and have them settled in their new home in no time.

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