Pets are great! To be at their best though, we have to help them with their hygiene and medical care sometimes.  I personally like to have my “public pets” groomed and ready to go if we are needed for a pet therapy gig.  So I am excited when a company comes along with a better product to help us do thatI tried the Pet Ear Cleaner from Oxyfresh.  I was intrigued by the fact that it didn’t have to be rinsed out of the ears!

I had a friend with a poodle who constantly had ear issues, and having to rinse out the ears as part of the healing process made the job very unpleasant.  I have had various ear infections in my own pets and rinsing out the ears was never something I relished.

For a couple of weeks my youngest cat, Redford, had been shaking his head to one side, then holding his head down like that side of his head hurt.  This prompted me to try the Oxyfresh ear cleaner.

I brought it home for Redford.  I held him, tilted his head to the side, and dropped several drops in his ear.  Redford, slightly surprised, allowed me to then knead the bottom of his ear so that the product was circulated around his inner ear.

That was it! I patted Redford, and released him. He looks back at me a little mystified, then sauntered away. He fussed with his ear for a few minutes, then slept. I followed him closely for the next few days. No head turning, no pained look, just my confident young cat.   Well, that was proof enough for me that the product works.

Unfortunately I have used ear cleaners in the past that didn’t fix the problem, just delayed a trip to the vet.  Unlike past ear cleaners I have used, Oxyfresh was incredibly easy to use.   There was no dripping all over the counter and the carpet because there was no upset cat to ran away. I had a friend with a poodle who constantly had ear issues, and having to rinse out the ears as part of the healing process made the job very unpleasant. Also, I’m very pleased that Oxyfresh is non-toxic, so I don’t have to worry about it harming me or my pets.

I have to keep both Lucie and Samson is tip-top shape ready to go since they are both therapy animals. In order to keep their therapy animal status they have to have been bathed within 24 hours prior to any visit.  As we are ready to leave the house I give them a quick once-over to make sure nothing is amiss, that they are healthy & ready to go.

On one of those days Lucie had some crud in one of her ears. I put the OxyFresh cleaner in the ear and massaged it in. The gunk in her ear disappeared like magic. As if the gunk disappearing wasn’t wonderful enough, the cherry on top was the fact that Lucie didn’t mind the OxyFresh, and I could use it on the go without needing to rinse her ear out with water. That is a big deal when you are rushing out to a Read to a Dog program!

I would recommend this product to anyone who has cats or dogs that have ear issues, or want to have their animals as pristine and loveable as possible. This product works on the minor ear issues my pets have, and I love it!  I can see this being instrumental to any a grooming service, or to someone who is struggling with ear infections in their pets.  On top of cleaning the ears, this product is non-irritating and sooths infections.  Your pet won’t be scratching their ears!

Oxyfresh pet ear cleaner is a great addition to my pet’s care products. It is wonderful to have something that works, isn’t expensive and is convenient!

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