In the past year, it has been hard to find things that go right and are a sure thing. We aren’t able to celebrate success with parties, or to even go out to dinner with a few friends. I did an event last week and wondered if I had lost my ability to talk to people face to face!

In this atmosphere, it is wonderful to have something you can depend on, something that is a sure thing. That is what I have found the CBD products from Chill Paws to be. The product works, works well, works fast, and if it has side effects I haven’t seen them. What I have seen is a miracle of what CBD can do.

One of my clients thought she was feeding a feral cat. When she started giving this cat CBD is his nightly food, all of a sudden he became kind and loving. She could pick the cat up! Either he had been hurting so bad that he didn’t want to be touched (which is what I got from the cat) or the CBD curbed his anxiety about being picked up. For those of you who are wondering if you can tame that feral cat you are feeding, Chill Paws may be the key to your success.

Another client has a dog that barks at who knows what at night. The dog has not let me know what is actually going on. But still barks and low growls at night. After getting Chill Paws daily, that has stopped. Think about if you are anxious- taking the edge off is crucial to you being more relaxed and happy. Chill Paws achieves that for your pets.

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I also carry it and have it for sale at shows. If you have a Chill Paws success story, email me so I can share it with others!

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