I have started using Furbliss brushes as an upgrade to the brushes I already have. Brushes come with the territory when you have as I do, horses, cats and dogs.  Each species has their own grooming needs as well as their own individual peculiarities.  The amount of grooming your pet will need depends on their environment and what you are doing with them.

I got the dog and horse Furbliss brushes. My horse, Rowdy (Yes readers I really DO have horses!) has been a pain in the butt since birth about getting groomed. Rowdy is an Overo. He has pink skin on many parts of his body with a ton of white and also red roan.  Think of the horse in Hidalgo and you won’t be far off.

I wouldn’t believe him, but his mom and sister have the same skin sensitivity.  His mother was my first Paint Horse, and she had 5 babies. She was named Magic, and had white hair over 80% of her body. One of her babies, Brie was ALL WHITE.  Most white hair on horses has tender pink skin under it.

Rowdy gets upset with me when I use a shedding blade (a metal curved blade used to take off winter coats) on him.  He cringes when I use any type of harsh brush.  He even complains about the expensive German brushes I bought just for him.

Rowdy enjoys being groomed with the Furbliss brush. This brush is created to massage the horse while easily removing any dirt and loose hair. It fits in my hand comfortably and that prevents fatigue. I LOVE this brush, and would recommend it to any horse owner. It is well made and should last for several seasons.

This brush would be a great addition to your shampoo bucket. There are wells in the brush that hold shampoo which will help you soap up your horse. The brush is very flexible and gentle, so you can use it to soap up their legs and their faces.

On to the indoor pets: I got a dog Furbliss brush.  I can’t help but think that I would have had a nice amount of money in my savings account if I hadn’t had to spend it on grooming all my dogs over the last 20 years.  My dog Lucie is a 20-pound Bichon cross. She has hair, not fur.  I love my dog, and with 4 cats I can use all the non-shedding animals I can find. Lucie was a pass on the brush.

So I decided to try the dog brush on Samson, my therapy cat & model.  I have no idea how the cat Furbliss brush is different, but I know it is made of silicon and designed to be gentle.

If Samson doesn’t like being brushed, he will get up and leave.  Much to my relief Sam really enjoyed the dog brush & sat for the entire grooming.  The brush seemed to give him a massage. It bended into boney areas without hurting him either.

The Furbliss brush freed a lot of loose fur off of Samson. After I got a sizeable amount of it, it was easy to just pull the fur off of the brush and throw it away.  It is wonderful to have fur on my brush instead of on my furniture. Even if you don’t currently brush your cat, I would recommend trying the Furbliss brush.

Brushing your cat can be like a “mini-massage” when you spend time together and bond. If you do it the same time every day, your cat will look forward to the ritual. The Furbliss brush is “Samson Approved”.

I also tried the brush on Buffy and Redford, who both enjoyed the pliable massaging brush. It was actually the first time Buffy held still for any brushing. I tried with other brushes, and she would not sit still for me to finish.

Several of the cats I have talked to as an Animal Communicator have informed me that they do not like wire brushes. Some also complain about the hairball paste their owners give them.

If you have a cat, you have to have a plan to deal with its fur. You can brush them regularly and hope they eventually will do their own grooming or you will have to get them groomed.  If you don’t get them groomed, you will have to deal with hairballs.  That is how I ended up treating Elvis for constant furballs when he got older.

I was really worried about the constant hairballs Elvis had, along with how hot he got as a long-haired Tuxedo Black cat. Usually at least once a year during the hot Arizona summer I would get him clipped in a lion cut. At first, he really hated it, but then he learned that he was cooler and more comfortable when he was clipped.

Samson the catI don’t want put Samson in a lion cut unless his fur gets out of control. I think about this, because Samson is a long-haired marmalade cat that not only grooms himself, he constantly grooms my foster kittens and his clowder.

I find the Furbliss brushes fit into my cat grooming routine nicely. I really enjoy taking Samson to a pet therapy session when he isn’t shedding. I have found I can achieve this using the Furbliss brush on him 2-3 times a week.

If you haven’t put two and two together, I use the Furbliss brushes on my horses and on my cats. I am sure if you have a Golden Retriever, Samoyed or a Husky, the dog brush would be wonderful for your dog!

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