Large Turquoise Nugget and Silver Necklace


This necklace is made from PURE turquoise nuggets. They are polished and gigantic- not like the little slivers of turquoise you get in most jewelry. This is a special cut, and it takes three times longer to achieve than the squared off cuts more common to modern turquoise. 19 inches long, it is finished with two bali 925 silver beads that are 3/4 inch in size, and a 925 silver toggle clasp. Each nugget is approximately one inch long. Each nugget has a 1/4th inch turquoise spacer between them.

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Turquoise is the only stone considered sacred by both the Tibetan Monks and the American Indians. It is believed to be a magic stone that provides protection against harm. Turquoise has been discovered in both Egyptian and Greek tombs, proving it was a protective stone in antiquity. It was used to protect horse & rider on long journeys. Ann finds Turquoise as a protective stone today, and uses it to be in large crowds without being overwhelmed.

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