Silver Prayer Bracelets


Made of 925 Bali & Turkish Silver, with a lobster 925 silver clasp on bracelets 2 & 3, 1 & 4 have click jeweled clasps. Each of these bracelets have a distinct edgy identity and beauty.

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Ever wish that you had your Rosary or Prayer beads with you, but were in a place that you really couldn’t be carrying them along- like work or out on a Saturday afternoon? These bracelets do the trick! Each with 5-7 beads on them,(depending on the bracelet) , which allows you to go back & forth from end to end discreetly till you have reached your number. The 1,2, & 4 bracelet have 10 smaller beads between the larger beads. These bracelets are stunningly handsome.

Bracelets 2 & 4 come with a marchasite cross, 1 & 3 with 925 silver crosses. Think of adding charms or perhaps a different type of cross to make the piece even more special. great as a gift~practical and something to be treasured for decades to come.

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