Royal Fantasy Extra Large Bowl


Gigantic bowl with triangular base

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This is the largest bowl I have EVER SEEN! 22 inches X 22 inches & 13 inches tall. I made the plaster mold I use to shape it from the nose piece of an airplane! I start with a full twenty five pound bag of clay. Yes, twenty five pounds of wet clay (completed it weighs 20 lbs.)

First I make a very large slab. Then I put it over the plaster bat, and pound a texture into the outside, slipping & scoring to have all the sides come together. Next, I make another slab, & out of that I cut three rectangular pieces and score them together to make the triangular base the bowl has. I slip and score the base and attach it. Then I wait until the bowl is leather hard, and turn it. I trim the top to make sure it is beautiful, and scalloped. To reinforce such a large bowl, I attach a coil of clay along the top to finish off the bowl and give it strength. The Hawaiian red clay makes this bowl possible.

Once the bowl is made, then it has to air dry. After drying it is placed in the kiln & fired. After firing and cooling, the bowl is glazed with a mat sandstone glaze on the outside and with a specialty mix of crystals and glazes on the inside. Crystals, they are chips of glaze, that melt at a certain temperature and release their color. Because of that, each bowl is completely original & one of a kind. Because the bowls are so gorgeous inside & have a triangular base, many people display them on their side.

Food safe for non-acidic foods, not dishwasher safe.

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Weight 20.0000 lbs


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