Turquoise Hearts Wrapped with Silver


Includes rolled Greek leather cord. Sold and priced by weight.

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These hearts are all handpicked by Ann and shaped to be a perfect turquoise heart. The hearts are PURE Turquoise, and not reconstituted or dyed turquoise.

Turquoise is a great metaphysical stone, being used as a spiritual stone both by many American Indian tribes and Tibetan Monks. A beautiful stone that psychically protects us, Turquoise brings laughter and confidence. It protects against traumatic injuries. It was used on the bridles of horses to protect them from falls. It is the connector of the earth and sky. Turquoise increases Wisdom, provides clarity, peace of mind. Turquoise heals, cleanses and protects both the physical body and energy centers. When Ann does speaking events, art fairs or metaphysical appearances, wearing Turquoise hearts make a big difference in how she feels and the ease at which she presents.

These stones are sold with a rolled Greek leather cord, tied with two knots that you can lengthen or shorten it. Ann likes to wear the hearts over her heart chakra, or her solar plexus chakra. Of course they can also be lengthen or shortened to compliment any outfit. If you want the heart on a clasp hanging, request that. Then you can also add the heart to a silver chain or necklace you already own. The most flexible of any piece Ann makes, you will want to wear these hearts on a daily basis ! No two pieces alike! Sold by weight, allow us to pick one the size or price you want. You will be a show stopper with one of these hearts on!

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