Pawprints Across Heart Plate


Handmade ceramic plate, 5″ by 5″.

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Slab built small plate made from scratch by Ann. First the clay is taken out of the bag, (Hawaiian Red Clay) rolled into a slab, and then formed over a plaster form. The clay is left to dry till leather hard, then taken off the form and hand trimmed and cleaned up. Then the plate is allowed to air-dry until bone dry, because any moisture would cause the piece to blow up in the firing. Once the plate is bisque fired, it is glazed with a royal blue back ground for a Calypso red heart in the middle. Finished on the back with a black mat glaze. After the second firing, paw prints are hand-applied with 24 karat gold luster and fired a third time. Plate measures 5 inches by 5 inches.

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