Turquoise Nuggets Necklace with Silver Beads, Smaller Turquoise Rounds and Toggle Clasp


Each nugget is framed with two 925 decorative bali silver caps, and there is a 925 Bali small silver bead, a smaller turquoise bead and another small silver bead- measuring one inch between the turquoise nuggets, between each nugget that is three-forths inch in diameter. The necklace is then finished with a large silver toggle clasp, one that is so stunning some women wear it in front. The loop on the toggle clasp is one inch long. 20 inches long.



You must see these nuggets to believe them! The turquoise nuggets are 1.25 inches long, and pure turquoise throughout. Many people do not believe that nuggets this big are all turquoise -but they are! Turquoise like this isn’t found everywhere~ and may not be available soon.

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Weight 0.3000 lbs


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